Last Scantraxx Radioshow by A-lusion

This month’s Scantraxx radioshow is the last one created and hosted by A-lusion.

“After creating the show for around 1.5 years, I decided to stop creating and hosting it. The main reason for this is that I want to focus more on my own music, interests and vision. In the end the podcast was all about promoting Scantraxx and their artists. Therefore I have always been limited to using Scantraxx tracks only and inviting Scantraxx DJs only for the guestmix. As a producer and DJ, I have a wide interest in various types of hardstyle and hard dance music. I am preparing the first ideas of my own Out in The Open Podcast now. It was an honour to receive all the brand-new releases upfront and to promote them. I really enjoyed creating the show for everybody. Since the beginning we’ve gained many iTunes subscribers, often entered the podcast charts and received many YouTube views. Thanks to everybody for their support! Special thanks to Scantraxx for letting me do this and to all the radiostations who broadcasted my show.”

The guestmix of this months radioshow is a special A-lusion / Second Identity mix. In the first 30 minutes you’ll hear a Second Identity liveset recorded at Beat The Bridge in Holland last year. In the last part of the guestmix, you’ll hear 30 minutes of the first Out in The Open episode.

The Scantraxx Radioshow will go on in the future. More information on that will be published next month.
The broadcast schedule of this month’s show will be available soon.
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