Godspeed 2012 Sydney – A-lusion Interview

01. Thankyou for taking the time Onne, but for those who aren’t too familiar with the history of A-Lusion, could you please briefly tell us how it all started?

In 2003 I produced my first hardstyle tracks as A-lusion, which were released by labels like Scantraxx Recordz and Blutonium Records. From there I grew as a producer and DJ to the artist I am today. Since then I played at nearly every major event such as DefQon.1, Qlimax and InQontrol. I’ve been playing my music in many countries around the world.

02. Onne, how long have you been producing hardstyle, and what equipment do you use?

In 1997 I started producing computer music at the age of 14 in various genres such as hardcore, techno and trance. Back then the possibilities and technologies were limited so it took me a few years to learn how to produce electronic music. With all presets and software it’s much easier to start becoming a producer these days.
I’ve been producing hardstyle since 2002 and since then I’ve released over 75 tracks up until today.
Since I started I’ve been buying and selling a lot of equipment, but these days I mainly use the following equipment: Access Virus B (Powercore), Access Virus C, Access Virus TI, Roland JP-8080, Novation KS5, UAD Quad Flexi and many internal VST plugins. In my studio I’ve got Genelec monitor speakers and I’m working on a Mac Pro with Cubase as my main DAW.

03. How would you best describe the A-Lusion sound?

My artist name is derived from something which has to do with “magic”. And I try to incorporate this feeling in my tracks as much as I can. My sound can probably be best described as obstinate, melodic and divers. You can both expect really hard and mainstream melodic tracks at the same time. Of course in my DJ sets I adept to my playtime and the type of event.
Besides all this, the themes in my recent music always contain a certain message. I believe in positivity and pursuing your goals and dreams. Tracks like “No Regrets”, “Start Living” and “Here We Are” are written to inspire people.

04. Notably the duo you are involved with alongside Scope DJ, Second Identity has been a huge success in the hardstyle world, can we expect to see any big plans for this alias anytime soon?

Well at the moment we’ve decided to focus more on our solo careers. In genres likes ours you can’t rely on the past too much, since it’s all about “now” and therefore we decided that both Scope DJ and A-lusion needed more attention. Second Identity was a big success and therefore we believe in our collaboration. Second Identity was mainly focussed on the album and tour we did together. Second Identity is still there, but more exclusively now. We will definately be a working a lot together in the future so who knows we’ll do another smashing album in the future!

05. Can we expect a forthcoming A-Lusion artist album anytime soon?

I think the word “album” is to be seen with a different perspective these days. I consider everything to go digital in the near future so I am not planning any physical A-lusion album as I did with Second Identity. But I believe in the power of spreading music in a digital format. Therefore I launched a new digital album concept called: “Out in The Open” in the beginning of this year. Around every 6 months I release a digital album mix containing around 8 new A-lusion tracks and remixes. The first one is out already and is named: Start Living.  Check www.outintheopen.nl for more information on my concept.

06. You have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the hardstyle world, including Zatox, Scope DJ & the rest of the Scantraxx family, can we expect to see anymore interesting and exciting new collaborations soon?

Yes I am always planning collaborations. But sometimes it stops with planning or writing a few seconds of music together. So I can’t really tell who I’m working with these days. But yes, you can definately expect some collaborations with artists whom I respect in the near future.

07. What can we expect to hear from A-Lusion at Godspeed this year?

Of course I will be playing all my new “Out in The Open” A-lusion tracks. But since Second Identity also gained a huge number of fans in Australia, I’ll probably represent some of those tracks as well. One thing is for sure, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to party like you never did before!

08. Any last words to your fans?

This will be my 4th time going to Australia to represent my music. I am so much in love with the country and people, that I cannot even begin to describe how much I’m looking forward to coming over again. Thank you for all your support so far. And if you see me at the event, don’t hesitate to talk to me! I’m definately going to party with you. Make sure all your friends are coming with you to this memorable night! See you at Godspeed!


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