Q-dance: Top 1000 – Vote A-LUSION

Q-dance is working on the chart of all hard dance charts and they need your help.
You can now vote for your favorite track of before 2011.
And just to help you out on which A-lusion or Second Identity you can pick, there’s a shortlist added below.
In case you don’t find your favorite track in the Q-dance voting list, you can easily add it yourself.

Click here and vote before the 6th of October

Shortlist A-lusion’s & Second Identity tracks until 2011:


A-lusion – Re-count

A-lusion – The Power, The Energy, Feel It

A-lusion – Future Shokk

A-lusion – Re-bel

A-lusion meets The Bassfillerz – Mess With The Best

A-lusion meets The Bassfillterz – Creator

Le Brisc – I’ve Got The Power (A-lusion Remix)

Dj Mike – Resistance (A-lusion & Blutonium Boy Remix)

D-vided – The Way (A-lusion Remix)

D-vided – So High (A-lusion Remix)

A-lusion – Talk iz Tomorrow

A-lusion – Talk iz Tomorrow (Second Identity Remix)

A-lusion – Scratch Warrior

A-lusion – Perfect It

A-lusion – Powered Up Again

A-lusion – Drummer Beat

A-lusion vs Nightkiller – More Action

A-lusion vs Nightkiller – Bring The News

A-lusion feat. MC Villain – Get Smacked

A-lusion feat. MC Villain – Getting Wild

A-lusion feat. MC Renegade – 4 Elementz

A-lusion – Be Yourself

A-lusion – Freeek it UP

A-lusion – Veritas

A-lusion – In Trouble

Brennan Heart & A-lusion – Don’t Speak

Sylenth & Glitch – Music in You

Sylenth – Detonation

A-lusion – Voodoo

A-lusion – Guidelinez

A-lusion & Scope DJ – Between Worlds

A-lusion & Scope DJ – Reaching Out

A-lusion – Visual Perception

A-lusion – No Regrets

A-lusion – Blue Fairy

A-lusion – Too Close

A-lusion – Fortuna

A-lusion – Marked For Life

Zatox & A-lusion – No One Excluded

A-lusion – Angels Dance

A-lusion – Don’t Wanna Know

A-lusion & Unifite – Sound of Pryme

A-lusion – Call & Answer

A-lusion – Endless Flight

Zany – Be On Your Way (A-lusion Remix)


Second Identity

Second Identity – Identify

Second Identity – Karma Circle

Second Identity – Atlantis

Second Identity – Music To Be Heard

Second Identity – Alien Intelligence

Second Identity – Live Without Existing

Second Identity feat. MC Chucky – Music on Demand

Second Identity – Moving Madness

Second Identity – Eternal Voice

Second Identity – Distorted Device