Personal note on my album release

Being different”
I guess that’s what I heard most about me and my music in the past 10 years.
I don’t always intend to produce music that sounds different from everybody else’s.
But I guess you can call it my signature. 


The Album
With my new album episode I again produced a variety of very different Hardstyle tracks.

From tracks more suitable for listening purposes only, to energetic bassdriven dance-floor tracks.

I guess this makes it even harder for a producer like me, to please everyone’s ears and emotions.
It might even make it difficult for everybody to “Make Up Their Mind” about it.

The album might be a bit short compared to what you expect nowadays in our Hardstyle scene. I personally didn’t feel like exhausting my sounds by using them in many other tracks or album “fillers”. However, for episode 3 I’m planning on doing some more tracks so you don’t have to put the CD on repeat all the time. 😉
Sadly I couldn’t use some of the other tracks I produced this year, such as the Burn It Down Remix (Linkin Park), the Bad Blood remix (Bastille), and the edits of Music in You, Don’t Wanna Know, Be Yourself and Visual Perception because of copyright restrictions.

The Tracks
For this album I added some early A-lusion flavors in a new way. For instance, on the track “The First Sound”, you can hear my old harder “Drummer Beat” kick again. Not everybody really knows this sound as it’s completely different from the sub-based distorted kicks you hear in 90% of nowadays productions. But I felt like doing this, since a lot of people asked me to use that kick sound in a track again. Do you want another one like this?
In “The Ultimate Bassline” and “Make Up Your Mind”, you can hear the reverse bass influence. Loved the feedback on these tracks. so you can definitely expect more like this from me.

Electric Sky is also a very special track to me personally, since I created this track for my performance on EDC Las Vegas this summer. My USA debut. The EDC version has a special vocal in it. That moment when the crowd shouted E…D…C.. along, is a moment already carved into my memory.

A big challenge for me was working with talented vocalists on more original written music. I want to thank vocalists Stefan Therone (Stefan de Roon) and Annemiek Jansen (M’Key) for their contribution and effort in writing and recording our collaborations.
I’m looking forward to working with you again in future projects.
Another person I would like to thank is Tom van Rooijen a.k.a. Anklebreaker. Thanks for letting me use your amazing melody on State of Mind. You have a real talent for melodies.

Thanks to
A “thank you” definitely also applies to my colleague Djs who already supported my music in their podcasts or DJ-sets. Artists like Isaac, Headhunterz, S-Dee, James Bayliss, Adaro & B-front. And of course all those who I just forgot to mention.

Most importantly I would like to thank everybody who ordered, or will order my album. I love your support and feedback. So keep it coming.

I don’t like to express my thoughts on what I’ve produced and accomplished. But I can say that I am proud to have done nearly everything regarding this album and most of my career myself.

From the initial concept, track production, mixing and mastering… to the final CD artwork, pressing and Lussive Music label administration. The initial main artwork was created by Tom Vervoort. You did a great job. Thanks to Cloud 9 Music (my publisher) for helping out with the production of this physical CD.

Where to buy the album episode?
The digital edition contains 10 radio edits and a full length DJ mix.
If you want to order a digital album copy, you can do this at amongst others:


If you want to order a mixed CD, you can get it in one of the following stores:

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