Out now: New A-lusion album (OITO2)

Where to buy?

Digital download

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Where to buy the album episode?

The digital edition contains 10 radio edits and a full length DJ mix.
If you want to order a digital album copy, you can do this at amongst others:

If you want to order a mixed CD, you can get it in one of the following stores:


1. A-lusion – Dance in The Rain (Intro)
2. A-lusion & Betavoice – Reach You
3. A-lusion – State of Mind (ft M’key & Anklebreaker)
4. A-lusion ft. Stefan Therone – Out of Sight
5. A-lusion – Electric Sky
6. A-lusion – Start Living (2013 Mix)
7. A-lusion & Cold Case – Set U Free
8. A-lusion – The First Sound
9. A-lusion – The Ultimate Bassline
10. A-lusion – Make Up Your Mind (Album Edit)