Happy New Year – Message from A-lusion

Another year has come to an end.
It’s been a year in which I’ve finally been able to make new music again. A new studio, a growing label and great support by many colleague artists again.

A year in which I got my US visa for 3 years and in which I made my debut in the US by playing on EDC Las Vegas. 

With over 80.000 plays on Soundcloud and 50.000 on YouTube, it clearly shows my Linkin Park – Burn It Down bootleg has been my most popular track this year. Even though my other tracks didn’t get these numbers, I’m happy with the outcome of every track I did. With airplay in shows like HardWithStyle and SlamFM Harder, some of my tracks reached many Hardstyle lovers around the world.

I’m sure many of you heard my second Out in The Open album episode. If not, check out my personal message on it and listen to the tracks:https://www.facebook.com/notes/a-lusion/personal-note-on-my-new-album-release/662670123773435

Thanks to all the artists & vocalists I collaborated with, thanks to all the organizations that booked me and thanks to all of YOU for interacting with me and listening to my music.

OITO3 is already in progress.
I just finished 2 new tracks and I’m working on 2 other new ones. 
This saturday I’ll be premiering them during a gig in Holland. (Takens Balkbrug, be there :)).

I wish you all the best in 2013. I hope you can enjoy it in good health and that all your dreams may come true!

See you in 2014!

Happy New Year