A-lusion update: September 2014

I want to thank everybody who voted for me in the DJ Mag Top 100 popularity contest. Saw quite a few voting mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Your support means a lot!
Competition is extremely hard this year, so making the list will be difficult. You can still vote until September 16th at: https://www.a-lusion.com/vote

I had planned to finish and already release my upcoming full length album before the DJ Mag voting ends. To show you why you should vote for the A-lusion sound. And of course to convert new hardstyle fans.
But I decided it’s not worth rushing my music productions over a popularity contest. Quality first!
I’m currently working on the last 2 tracks and I’m waiting for Scope DJ to finish our collab.
The album teaser video is nearly finished and the artwork is 90% done. So it’ll all go down soon!

My website got a few improvements and is made ready for the album launch.

Are you going to Q-base this weekend? (13-09-2014)
See you at the “Back In Time” area where I’ll drop some classic bangers from 1.00h till 2.00h

Philadelphia (USA):
Yes, I’m so excited to head back to the States again for a DJ performance in Philadelphia on Friday September 19th. Be ready!