Overwhelming DJ Support for new A-lusion album

I’d like to take a minute to thank all of my colleagues who supported my new album tracks. Their support has been overwhelming!
Here’s a list of podcasts / radioshows / artists that already featured my new tracks:

D-Block & S-te-Fan: SlamHarder (Tears Will Dry)
Brennan Heart: WER SlamHarder (As High As & Untouchable)
Digital Punk: Unleashed (Pushing On)
Kutski: KTRA (Are You Ready)
The Prophet: Louder (Sloopwerk)
The Pitcher: Hardstyle Quantum
DJ Luna: Minus = More (YDNCM)
Dj Stephanie: Pink Beats (Auditory Phenomena)
Mc Villain: XXlerator (Get Crazy)

And I’ve seen & heard playback in sets by: Psyko Punkz & Hard Driver, Dj Thera, Dj Adaro, etc

Big up guys (and girl)!