6 weeks of A-lusion releases

Until the end of 2014, new A-lusion singles (extended versions) will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So far, 3 tracks have been released in the first week.

Check out the ‘release tour schedule’ in the attached image of overview below:

Week 1: (24-28 Nov) -> Auditory Phenomena, In Every Place (2014 Mix), As High As
Week 2: (01-05 Dec) -> Get Crazy, You Do Not Control Me, All Around Us
Week 3: (08-12 Dec) -> Young & Fearless, Good To Be Free, Music In Motion
Week 4: (15-19 Dec) -> Energize, Brand New Day, Tears Will Dry
Week 5: (22-26 Dec) -> Pushin On, Back To The Future
Week 6: (29-31 Dec) -> Sloopwerk, The Final Act