A-lusion interview with HardstyleMag

A-lusion was interviewed by German HardstyleMag. He’s talking about producing Reverse Bass and the revival of this sound in 2015.

What inspired you to make reverse bass again?
“A-Lusion: I felt like I wanted to bring more continuous energy back on the dance floor. Not too much breaks. But keeping it rhythmic. Reverse Bass is the perfect tool for that. And it’s really fun to create a reverse bass in the studio as well. To me, it’s more fun than creating a regular hardstyle kick drum.

I love to put in little details in a reverse bass, that make it seem faster and more advanced. Little extra sounds, little effects, etc. And besides that, a kick + reverse Bass still works really well on the dance floor! So, it’s a mixture of reasons.”

Read the full interview here.