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4. A-lusion – In Trouble

I don’t produce covers or bootlegs very often.
But the track on which “In Trouble” is based on, is a special one for me personally. So I felt like I had to
produce a Hardstyle “version” of it. My track is based on Coldplay – Trouble.
I hardly listen to or notice lyrics so my love for this track is not about the meaning of the lyrics.
The piano, the emotion, the melody!
That’s what got me hooked to original Coldplay track!

The production.. isn’t my most advanced or complex production.
Key to this production, was the drive in the climax. I couldn’t just use the original melody of “Trouble” in the climax, as it then would have just been a remix. And it didn’t really fit in a Hardstyle track. So I created another melody on top of the chord structure. The original piano melody is still used, but only in the breakdown of the track.

Being a self educated producer as I am, I can now say that some things in the production didn’t really follow the ‘rules’ of making music. In this track I used the straight and triplet rhythms on top of each other. Nowadays I wouldn‘t do this anymore because it might sound messy. If I would still do it, it would be on purpose. I’d included several vocals that didn’t make any sense together. Now that I mention this, I realize this makes the production look quite bad.However, so many people requested this song during my sets. I must have played it dozens of times already and I still play a short edit of it now and then.

The vocals in this track, don’t have any combined meaning. “You Know I’m Rushing, Rock The Box and Let The Bass Kick”?? Especially the last one is a vocal worth mentioning. I used this vocal before the big hit by Chuckie (Let The Bass Kick) was released. Maybe this made my track a bit more known as well, since people started recognizing the vocal? Oh and I’m not from Russia (if you thought that’s what the vocal said).

The synth in this track was created with ReFX Nexus layer. For the producers who are reading this, I think the preset was the “Exploration of Space” one. Did you notice?

InQontrol 2008 was definitely THE event I connect this track to most. Together with MC Villain I decided to do a special Coldplay tribute during the set. MC Villain came up with some lyrics he could sing over a custom produced version. During this moment, he asked the crowd to light up the venue with their mobile phones and lighthers. After playing the special edit, we played the original for a minute and then dropped my “In Trouble” Hardstyle version after it. Such an amazing moment in my career. This moment was recorded by a cameraman from Q-dance. Did you already see this on YouTube? It’s on my channel.


The track got released together with Veritas in the beginning of 2008, on M!D!FY Records. What is your story with this track? Share it with us.

Let The Bass Kick… Let The Bass KICK. Rock The BOX

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