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2. Le Brisc – I’ve Got (The Power) (A-lusion Remix)

I’ve Got The POWER! Who doesn’t know this sample from Snap?
In February 2003, my first remix was released on Blutonium Records. Back then, Blutonium Records was one of the leading labels with amazing releases produced by DJ Neo, Le Brisc and many of their aliases.

What led to the remix was my contact with German producer Le Brisc. It was a contact which was iniated by my activity in the so called “Tracker Demo Scene”. I was in contact with artists like Le Brisc, Sonic Range and DaRhythmFreak through the Internet.
Around the same time, I received a call from Scantraxx about wanting to sign me as a new artist. Exciting times for me as a young producer.

Most of the remix was created with edited samples from sample packs and other tracks. The production was actually done in Propellerheads Reason. An in-the-box piece of music software. Back then it wasn’t about original sound design as much as it is now. It was all about creativity. And that’s what I went after in this remix.

Kick & Bass The kick and reverse bass, are consideren to be the type of sound that many people now think of when they talk about “Early Hardstyle”.
My Kick & Bass was based on some layered samples with some additional distortion.

A-LUISON Of course there’s no way I can think about this track, without thinking about the typo which was made on the vinyl artwork. My artist alias seemed to be doomed back then, as a lot of people used in correct spelling like Alusion, E-lusion or in this case: A-luison. Wait, what? A-luison? Is that like the French or Italian version of me? A-luigi?

Bitte Ein Beat The Bitte Ein Beat Hardtrance / Hardstyle brand was huge back then. They toured with events through Germany and
The Netherlands. My remix was compiled on Bitte Ein Beat 6 mixed by Dj Deaz D and Deepack.
Yes, Deepack. Legends then, legends now! bitteeinbeat6
This was actually my first compilation CD feature. So yes, I went to the store and bought the CD myself.
I was a bit sad to see, they left out my name in the remix credits. So it actually was indicated as the
original mix. But hey… my track was on the CD. My audio which I produced in my bedroom!
I remember going to a Bitte Ein Beat party in Zoetermeer, walking up to the Deepack guys and introducing myself as being the guy who produced the I’ve Got The Power remix. I can still remember their warming welcome and enthusiastic reaction. Later that night they played my track and I actually heard my music for the first time on a really big sound system. What a feeling!

Defqon 2003 Bitte Ein Beat wasn’t the only party where I heard this track live. I visited the first Defqon.1 Festival in 2003. We just came into the party and arrived at the mainstage where Charly Lownoise played. When we walked by, we waited at the nearby food court. And then I heard the recognizable beep sounds coming in. I ran as hard as I could, back to the mainstage. And then I witnessed something I never witness before. My track, on a major festival, played by one of my childhood heroes. Charly Lownoise played my remix at Defqon.1 2003!

What is your story with this track? Share it with us. Let me know by posting it on my Facebook page wall, underneath this message, in a twitter mention, etc.

The track got released in the beginning of 2003, together with the original mix and Michael Fusseder Remix on Blutonium Records 061.

I’ve Got…. I’ve Got…. I’ve Got.. I’ve GOT?

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