Out in The Open 3: The Final Act

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Where to buy the album episode?

The digital edition contains 19 radio edits and a full length DJ mix.
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01. All Around Us (feat. M’Key)
02. Get Crazy (with Betavoice)
03. In Every Place (2014 mix)
04. Good To Be Free
05. Untouchable (feat. Jannika)
06. All These Symbols (with S-Dee)
07. As High As (feat. Adamo Fiscella)
08. Brand New Day (feat. Lottie Mae Jones)
09. Young & Fearless (with Tyro Maniac feat. Rosli)
10. Tears Will Dry (with Scope DJ)
11. Music in Motion
12. Energize (feat. Paolo Francisco)
13. Back To The Future
14. Auditory Phenomena
15. Are You Ready
16. Pushing On
17. You Do Not Control Me (with Luna)
18. The Final Act
19. Sloopwerk

Trailer (HD)