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A-lusion – Feeling This

Info Digital | Lussive Music 059 | 1st September 2016 Euphoric Mix & Steady Mix Description: A-lusion’s new track is available in 2 different versions. One version, the Steady Mix, only… Read more »

A-lusion – Hold Up & Come On

Info Digital | Lussive Music 058 | 17th June 2016 Original Mix Description: Hardstyle with a heavy drop. Hardstyle pioneer returns with another unique slammer. Filled with roaring screeches, head spinning… Read more »

A-lusion – The Voice Within

Info Digital | Lussive Music 056 | 25th March 2016 Original Mix Description: ‘Some call it the super ego, the inner power, the super consciousness, the unconscious, the subconscious and various… Read more »

A-lusion – A Thousand Miles

Info Digital | Lussive Music 054 | 21st January 2016 Original Mix Description: A-lusion is kicking off 2016 with a Euphoric Hardstyle journey called ‘A Thousand Miles’. Roaring screeches, classic synth… Read more »

A-lusion – Supernova

Info Digital | Lussive Music 053 | 12th November 2015 Original Mix & Reverse Bass Mix Description: Supernova is A-lusion’s new galactic Hardstyle weapon. It comes with two types of ammunition…. Read more »

A-lusion – I Need You

Info Digital | Lussive Music 051 | 21st July 2015 Description: Hardstyle, we need you! I Need You is A-lusion’s 2015 summer anthem. Already featured in Coone’s Global Dedication podcast, Brennan… Read more »

A-lusion – Serenity of Night

Info Digital | Lussive Music 050 | 18th June 2015 Description: A-lusion hits us with another unique hardstyle release. With his original sound design, he again brings us the A-lusion style…. Read more »

A-lusion – The Final Act

Info Digital | Lussive Music 047 | 31th December 2014 Description: “The Final Act” is the title track of A-lusion’s thirds album called OUT IN THE OPEN3: The Final Act. Buy… Read more »

A-lusion – Sloopwerk

Info Digital | Lussive Music 046 | 29th December 2014 Description: “Sloopwerk” is Dutch for “The Demolition”. With this track, A-lusion totally makes the crowd destroy the dancefloor. Starting at 150… Read more »