A-lusion – The Final Act

Info Digital | Lussive Music 047 | 31th December 2014 Description: “The Final Act” is the title track of A-lusion’s thirds album called OUT IN THE OPEN3: The Final Act. Buy… Read more »

A-lusion – Sloopwerk

Info Digital | Lussive Music 046 | 29th December 2014 Description: “Sloopwerk” is Dutch for “The Demolition”. With this track, A-lusion totally makes the crowd destroy the dancefloor. Starting at 150… Read more »

A-lusion – Back To The Future

Info Digital | Lussive Music 045 | 24th December 2014 Description: Reverse Bass, Reverse Bass and more Reverse Bass. 2014 styled Hardstyle, with a classic drive. “Back To The Future” takes… Read more »

A-lusion – Pushing On

Info Digital | Lussive Music 044 | 22nd December 2014 Description: “Pushing On” drives on a classic styled Hardstyle melody. This new A-lusion single is featured on A-lusion’s album A-LUSION presents… Read more »

A-lusion & Scope DJ – Tears Will Dry

Info Digital | Lussive Music 043 | 19th December 2014 Description: Finally it’s time for another A-lusion & Scope DJ. Formerly known as Second Identity. Their new collaboration brings us another… Read more »

A-lusion ft. Paolo Francisco – Energize

Info Digital | Lussive Music 041 | 15th December 2014 Description: A-lusion teams up with Los Angeles based singer / songwriter Paolo Francisco. Their track “Energize” is featured on A-lusion’s album… Read more »

A-lusion – Music in Motion

Info Digital | Lussive Music 040 | 12th December 2014 Description: Music in Motion is featured on A-lusion’s album A-LUSION presents OUT IN THE OPEN 3: The Final Act. Buy online:… Read more »

A-lusion – Good To Be Free

Info Digital | Lussive Music 039 | 10th December 2014 Description: Reverse Bass alert. A-lusion takes us on a creative trip with a feel good vibe. “Good To Be Free” is… Read more »